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    I was sitting on a picnic table in a wine grape orchard talking to my darling about life when I noticed this perfect om sign growing on one of the vines. I still can’t fully believe my eyes looking at this picture. It was such a beautiful sight to see, the universe is a trickster! 

    This is so fucking cool

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  2. mapletaurus:

    For those who confuse “could care less” and “couldn’t care less” here is the greatest unprofessional chart you will ever see.

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  3. breakingnews:

    Report: US threatened fine in 2008 if Yahoo wouldn’t release data

    Washington Post: The U.S. government threatened to fine Yahoo $250,000 a day in 2008 in an attempt to force the company to release user data, unsealed court documents showed Thursday. 

    The company, which believed the data release was unconstitutional, ultimately lost the legal battle.

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    Photo: The U.S. government threatened to fine Yahoo $250,000 a day in 2008 if it failed to comply with a broad demand for user data that the company believed was unconstitutional, according to court documents unsealed Thursday. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

  5. wired:

    If a hacker can obtain a user’s iCloud username and password with iBrute, he or she can log in to the victim’s iCloud.com account to steal photos. But if attackers instead impersonate the user’s device with Elcomsoft’s tool, the desktop application allows them to download the entire iPhone or iPad backup as a single folder, says Jonathan Zdziarski, a forensics consult and security researcher. That gives the intruders access to far more data, he says, including videos, application data, contacts, and text messages.

    MOREThe Police Tool That Pervs Use to Steal Nude Pics From Apple’s iCloud


  7. mothernaturenetwork:

    America’s tire mountains: 90 percent are gone, thanks to recycling programs
    Once we had 2 billion tires scattered around the U.S. landscape, but now 90 percent of the piles are gone. Ground rubber from tires is becoming roadways, playground equipment and auto floor mats.

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    "Top 10 Ways To Say Fuck THEIR System" #fts #vaccination #sustainability #Love #Corporatism #ijs #boycott #occupyyourmind


  9. "Underpromise, overdeliver."
    — Tom Peters. (via quotedojo)
  10. high-ryanlion-flyin:

    Just in case you weren’t on the moon last night. This is what earth looked like from the moon’s perspective 

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