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    I’m terrible.

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    "Walking into the city, you found narrow alleys between the buildings with dripping pipes overhead, discharge flowing in gutters, people stripped to the waist in their underwear working in tiny factories, the sound of metal pounding metal, butchered animals, unlicensed dentists, a two-man rubber plunger factory, carts stacked with steaming food, everything mixed together. It felt unreal (especially in the early days), and yet totally normal to everyone living and working there." —Photographer Greg Girard, on life inside the City of Darkness

  4. Capitalism.

    I kind of want to cry

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  5. "So many of us choose our path out of fear disguised as practicality"

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    This gif shows the progression of California’s drought since 2011. See it unfold more slowly with these 188 maps.


  8. The experimental serum given to the Christian aid workers who are infected with Ebola was manufactured using plants.


    The drug is a cocktail of three “humanized” monoclonal antibodies that are manufactured in a group of fragrant plants or bushes known by the genus name Nicotiana. Read more about how the drug works.

    Knew it was gonna be something like this

  9. Microgravity, the future of innovation - Ioana Cozmuta (SETITalks)

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    Applied Math: Medicine

    Continue your education this week with, Applied Math: Comedy